I'm 23, living near to Windsor and I love talking about all things beauty! 

 In November 2014 I graduated from Southampton Solent University with a degree in Make-up and Hair Design for Music, Film and Photography.  The Beauty Harbour came about shortly after I finished university as a place for me to share my tips and tricks, write reviews and talk about all the beauty-related things that I love. My aim is to focus on products that are affordable and within everyone's reach.

To mix things up, you'll also find a little bit about my take on fashion and lifestyle; including items I've worn, foods I've baked and places I've been.
I'm new to the world of Beauty Blogging so I'm still learning how to make The Beauty Harbour the best that it could possibly be but thanks for reading and I would love hear what you think. 

love Katya x

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  1. You're writing great posts, also love your layout (:
    Nati xx

  2. Love everything about you and this blog!


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