Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Windsor Half Marathon 2014

After all the months of training I finally completed the Windsor Half Marathon! To my absolute surprise I managed to finish it in 2hr6mins which I was so pleased with as I was expecting to do it around 2hr30. Despite how painful I found it at the time, it definitely proved that the training did pay off.

The day of the race turned out to be such a hot day which was lovely, however it did make the run a lot more sweaty and I spent a lot of time trying to find as much shade as possible. However, it must have been really enjoyable for all those that came to watch and it made for a much better atmosphere than had it been raining- although that might have been a bit more refreshing!

Before the race I made sure that I ate lots of energising foods- porridge, a banana, toast and a bottle of Lucozade. It seemed to work because for the first half of the face I did have a lot of energy. It was only at miles 9-10 that I found that I really started to struggle. By this point I really wanted to give up. I felt as though I'd been running forever and I was so tired and worn out. All I kept imagining was lying in bed having a long, afternoon nap. Obviously I wasn't going to give up but I really had to push myself to carry on. I had an energy gel in my pocket so I decided this was the best time to take it to give me a boost and it actually really did help to get me through the last 3 miles.
By the time that I reached mile 12- THE FINAL MILE!!- there were lots of crowds again to spur everyone on. It was downhill and I could see the finish line in the distance so I assumed that this was going to be the easiest mile. It actually turned out to be the hardest. I felt like I was just continually running yet the finish line looked like it was moving further away from me. I was so extremely close to the end so I was determined not to give in and starting walking, but it did take such a lot of willpower. As soon as I eventually crossed the finish line it was an amazing feeling; not only because I'd actually managed to complete it but also  because it meant that I could give my legs a rest! Very soon after I quickly devoured a Mars bar which was a delight- and very well deserved, I feel!
A lot of people have since been asking me if I would do it again next year. It's such good atmosphere, the perfect motivation to get fit and tone up and an achievement that I never thought that I would be able to do. So yes, I think that I would do it again and raise money for a charity too, but for now I think I'll give running a break and maybe opt for the gym instead.


2013 supporting my Dad & one year later in 2014 he inspired Sophie and I to take part too!
Do you enjoy running? Would you ever do a half/full marathon?

love Katya x

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