Thursday, 20 November 2014

Becoming a Graduate

Yesterday after 3 years at Southampton Solent University I finally graduated with a 2.1 in Make Up and Hair Design for Music, Film and Photography! It definitely seemed like a long time coming considering I got my results way back in July but it was nice to be able to reunite with everyone and see how far we have all come since leaving.  It was such a good feeling and I was so proud of everyone; especially my housemates as we all went through all the same stress and endless hours in the library together so it was really nice to see that it all paid off in the end.
Being the middle of November I was expecting it to be cold and rainy so I had my umbrella  and coat on close call, but luckily the weather actually did what it was supposed to- not even an inch of rain- so I even managed to get away with going bare legged! My outfit as a whole was a bit of a last minute thing. I spent so long scouring the sites of Asos and Misguided while I've been at work but nothing really caught my eye, so on Saturday James got dragged around a ridiculously busy Milton Keynes shopping centre whilst I tried to find something suitable. In the end H&M provided the goods and I opted for an electric blue A-line dress teamed with some black patent court heels. I felt that the dress was graduation-appropriate as it's not too short, not too revealing and the simplicity of it added a touch of elegance. The heels for me were a good investment too. Up until recently I've always taken the attitude that the bigger the heel the better, but slowly I've come to the realisation that slightly lower heels are much more realistic. They still look just as nice but are much more comfortable without nearly breaking my ankles. That being said, I only have a small collection of lower heels and none of them I felt were smart enough, so when I found these black court heels in H&M for £25 I hit jackpot. The chunky heel makes them comfortable and easy to walk in so that I didn't have to risk tripping up on stage which is every graduates worst nightmare! Finally I added a silver sparkly beaded necklace to accessorise with. This is from Marks and Spencer which was actually borrowed from my sister but I felt that it added a nice finishing touch to the dress.

Unfortunately the day was so busy that  I forgot to actually get a full picture of my outfit without the gown on but I did manage to get my fair share of other pictures throughout the day.

My lovely course mate Naomi.

The 5 housemates- So nice that we all got to graduate on the same day.

A family photo with my mum and dad.
 The ceremony was held in Southampton Guildhall, and whilst it was lovely, it's not as spectacular as some of the buildings I've seen some University Graduations held in, but the fact that it wasn't overly massive inside meant my parents managed to get second row seats so they were pleased they could get a good look in on the action on stage.  The ceremony as  a whole went on for almost 3 hours so there was a lot of clapping involved which started to get a bit tiresome but overall it was such a lovely and happy atmosphere and I was so pleased to be there. Afterwards my family and I went for a celebratory meal at Prezzos which went down a treat!
It was a memorable day and I'm sad that it's all over but I'll always have such amazing memories of being at university and yesterday was a lovely way to commemorate that.

love Katya x

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