Monday, 12 January 2015

Glossybox | January

The theme of January's box is 'Fresh Start', ready for the new year! Considering we've only just passed Christmas I actually think that most of these products are more suited for the summer however inside are 5 full-sized products, all of which I will be able to put to good use, so all in all I would say it's a good start to the year for Glossybox!

Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Toner RRP €10.70
I'm a sucker for skincare products so I was pleased to see this in my box to try out. It has a really sweet fruity smell which I love although I can imagine some finding it a bit sickly, particularly for a facial product. It removes my make up sufficiently and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed but the best thing about it is the push-top lid so it doesn't go everywhere when I pour it, which can often be a reoccurring problem.

Nicka K New York Colorluxe Powder Blush RRP €8.95
I've got mixed reviews on this blusher. It's dispensed through a puff applicator and distributed across the cheeks in dabbing motions. So far I've found it difficult to actually get anything out and even when I have, I've found that it works better to blend out with a brush rather than the puff; which kind of defeats the point of it being an all-in-one product!  Therefore I haven't been impressed with mechanism of the product, but in terms of the actual contents I'm a fan! It's a peachy-pink shade that will be nice to use in the summer and it's really pigmented too so when any product does actually come out, it's a really lovely strong colour. The handy little mirror on the lid is a nice little add-on too!

Naked Lips Balm RRP €5
I really like that this is a stick rather than a pot. As I wear acrylic nails I find it can be difficult to get my finger into a tiny little pot so I end up gauging the balm out- such a first world problem, but an annoying problem all the same.  I find that a simple stick is much more convenient and easier for me to use. I'm also in love the smell and taste- it's filled with delicious fruits and berries and it's all 100% natural! 

MeMeMe Eye Line Pencil RRP £4
I was glad that Glossybox have chosen a brown pencil rather than black as I've often found that black can look too harsh in my waterline. Unfortunately I'm not a massive fan of the actual pencil as it's very hard and scratchy so doesn't apply very easily. I much prefer an eyeliner that is really soft and easy to smudge to be able to give a smoky look.

Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow RRP £10
This All Over Glow is a gel-based highlighter. It's very shimmery so you don't really need much but just a tiny amount applied to the areas of the face that you want to bring out will really accentuate the bone structure. I personally wouldn't use this as an all-over product as it's just a bit too sparkly but when it's used sparingly I would say that it has some pretty good qualities to really enhance the features.

Have you tried any of these products before? Does it tempt you into subscribing?
love Katya x

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