Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tweezerman | Eyelash Curlers.

Unlike some, I've never been blessed with super curled lashes, so eyelash curlers have become a staple tool in my make-up bag. I find that when my eyelashes are curled it opens up my eyes and makes them appear so much bigger and better! Saying that, I was never been one to actually spend a lot on eyelash curlers. I hadn't really understood how a £15 pair of eyelashes curlers could hugely differ from a £5 pair. Surely they all just work the same?

Back last summer on a holiday to the States- where everything is a lot cheaper- I spotted Tweezerman eyelash curlers in a drug store for $13 (£7.60- exchange rate may have altered since). Considering that they are around £16 in the UK this was a pretty amazing discount,  so of course I had to try them out! I wanted to find out exactly why they cost so much more than a cheap, unbranded pair. As soon as I got home I ripped open the packaging and placed them on my eyelashes, to find that they sit like an absolute dream. I've been missing out for all of this time! They are amazing and my lashes are now beautifully curled in a matter of seconds, with no pinching or kinking in the process.

 My previous eyelash curlers were just a cheapy pair and whilst they did the job, they were no where near as good. I really had to pump them a good few seconds before they made any difference and even then I never would have been able to get them as curled - they also had a tendency to yank a few precious lashes  out in doing so. I'm now able to get a beautifully intense curl in an instance which works out to be quite a massive time saver when I'm manically getting ready for work in the morning.

I wouldn't be able to give a conclusive answer as to why I think that one pair of curlers work so much better than another, especially when the mechanism looks more or less the same, but you can tell there is an obvious difference in the metal structure of the Tweezermans with them being a lot sturdier. They also sit very comfortably along the lash line with a very bouncy and plump silicone pad, so it's my guess that these are just a few factors that help Tweezerman to work their curling magic.
What's  your opinion on spending a little more on eyelash curlers? Do you have a favourite brand? 

love Katya x

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