Monday, 9 February 2015

Wishlist | February

This book looks just my kind of thing. Written by beauty columnist Sali Hughes and with 20 years of experience in the beauty industry I would say that she is a pretty reliable source to take advice from. This could be the ultimate guide for fellow beauty lovers as she gives advice and guidance on all beauty areas from the good, the bad and the ugly. What with her witty sense of humour, I have a feeling that I'm going to enjoy reading this.
This lipstick is following suit of all other Hourglass products and looks amazing. It's matte in texture without being too drying and is highly pigmented.  It's such a gorgeous colour too that I think will really glam up an evening look.

This is pretty old school and seems to have been around forever. Nevertheless I still managed to forget about it's pretty little existence until I saw it on Instagram the other day. It reminded me just how handy it is to ensure that lipstick looks as good as new on the lips all day and night- and it's far from expensive too!

You may remember back on my November wishlist I wrote about La Roche Posay Pigmentclar Eye Serum. For one reason or another I still haven't got round to buying it but in a very timely manner, Benefit has brought out Puff Off and my attention has been drawn to this instead. It's an eye gel said to reduce puffiness and dark rings  underneath the eyeswhilst also 'ironing' out the creases with its  cute little iron applicator. This is exactly what I'm looking for and as always Benefit's marketing is so fun and original which makes me want to buy it even more!

A cheap and cheerful product from Boots for just £1.99. Coconut and almond are both supposed to be amazing for the hair and I've read so many reviews that this has left hair feeling super soft and shiny. And for the price, whether it works or not, you can't really complain. The one annoying thing is that Boots don't appear to sell it in many stores so I may have to order this online.

This is a cheek stain that I believe will give a subtle rouge tint to the cheeks for a healthy glow. I want to add this to my make-up bag for those 'barely there' make up days just to add a quick pop of colour.

The C433 is a blending brush made with tapered goat hair and is perfect for blending eyeshadow to give it a soft edge. It is said to be a dupe of MAC 217  and is one of Crownbrush's best sellers so there's no guesses as to why this is on my wish list. Shockingly I haven't ever bought a MAC make-up brush before as I've always believed that for price you can pick up some much cheaper alternatives of just as good quality, so I'm always really excited when I come across dupes. For just £6 I'm assuming this may not last as long as the 217 brush but for a third of the price I'd happily buy three!

Have you read Sali Hughes book? What are your thoughts on dupes?

love Katya x

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