Friday, 6 February 2015

Lime Crime Velvetines

Lime Crime is a brand that I'm not sure many people from the UK know much about or have even heard of. I hadn't actually heard of them myself until I read about them on Karla Powell's blog 2 years ago but ever since I have been keeping a close eye on their products. They are the brand that are responsible for the amazing Velvetines range and I would urge anyone who loves a bold and vibrant lip to give them a try.

Firstly if you haven't heard of Lime Crime then you may be wondering what Velvetines actually are. They are a series of lip colours that apply like a lip gloss and dry like a lipstick; but what really sets them aside from anything else is their highly pigmented colour and beautiful matte velvet texture. They have the ability to really make your lips pop so are perfect for a night out or to add some colour to a dull day! And best of all they have amazing stay-put power for a long lasting colour.

I currently own the shade 'Red Velvet' which is my all time favourite lip colour. It's such a timeless classic and never fails to add glamour. As this was my first Velvetine product it made sense to go for the colour that I could be certain that I was going to like and Red Velvet went above and beyond my expectations. 

The application was super easy due to the wand applicator that enables a smooth layer and it dries within seconds. The only difficulty that I found is that unless you have an extremely steady hand it can be hard to get an even outline around the edge of the lips; especially as it is such a bold colour so any wonkiness  really stands out. To rectify this I find that outlining the lips with a red lip pencil beforehand really helps to get that clean edge.

Sometimes the problem with matte lip colours can be that they can  feel drying on the lips but fortunately this isn't a problem for Velvetines. In fact it almost feels as though I'm not wearing anything on my lips at all! I find that no matter how much I eat, drink or talk the colour really lasts. I can take a sip from a glass and there will  be no lipstick stain on the rim. Of course the colour doesn't stay as vibrant so I do like to top up every now and again but this just really demonstrates how well it dries onto the lips- without actually drying them out. Amazing! 

When Velvetines first launched there were only 2 shades; Red Velvet and Suedeberry. Since then they have expanded and brought out 8 new shades which you can find on their website. I have been eyeing up Wicked which is a deep burgundy-red for a long while and it's currently on my wish list. They also have a new shade Riot, a reddish-brown colour coming soon and I can't wait to try it!

You can buy online from Lime Crime in the US for $20.00 [ships to the UK] or from Love Make Up and Cute Cosmetics in the UK for £13.50.

Have you tried Velvetines? Let me know what you think.

"Our Inspiration Behind This Product? Rose Petals!" Lime Crime.

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