Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sunshine and Snow in Austria

Last week I had the pleasure of skiing at an altitude of up to 2800m with beautiful sunshine and stunning views in the most gorgeous resort of Ischgl, Austria. I'm now sitting back at home in the drab English weather and it would be truthful to say that I'm sad to be home! We had such a good time and this is what we got up to whilst we were away...

I could possibly be described as the least sporty person ever. I don't enjoy watching it and I most definitely don't enjoy participating in it, however skiing is the one sport that I love and that I don't completely suck at. My first skiing holiday was to Austria around the age of 6 and I've been around 8/9 times since, so it's a sport that I've sort of grown up doing. Normally I've always gone with my family but last year I went on the uni ski trip to Val Thorens and this year I went with James and our two uni friends Jordan and Louise.

The day that we arrived was one of the most long and tiring days.  We woke up at 4am to catch our 7am flight to Munich to then have a 4 hour transfer to Austria. I was planning on sleeping for most of the transfer journey but once we started to ascend up the mountain the views were so beautiful that I didn't want to miss anything so it definitely made the journey a lot a more enjoyable than we had anticipated.
When we arrived at our apartment 'Stella Alpina' we were happy to find that it was lovely, clean and modern; just as it had been shown on the website. It was quite small but it was definitely manageable. It's situated in a little village called  Mathon which is just a 5 minute bus journey to the main ski resort of Ischgl. The bus was free and we were able to leave all of our equipment in lockers at the rental shop by the main cable cart, meaning that we didn't have to lug it back a forth on the bus each day- although our apartment did have a shared boot room to store our skis in had we chosen to.

We got the main cable cart up to Idalp each day and then followed the piste map for all the different runs. Whilst Ischgl has the usual blue, red and black runs for a range of abilities the majority of them are red runs, which we later found out is due to the resort being most suited to  advanced skiers. This wasn't a problem for me or Lou as we've both been skiing many times before but this was the first time for James and Jordan so they were massively thrown in the deep end. It took a few days and a lot of falling over for them to get the hang of it but they were so impressive with how quickly they picked it up and by the third day we were doing the snow parks which were so much fun!

By the last two days the boys had well and truly mastered skiing and were competent enough to go on little adventures so we set off skiing without a plan of where we were going and just seeing where we ended up. We came across the most spectacular views and it was so picturesque that we spent a lot of time stopping off to take photos.  We also ended up skiing to the Duty Free Shopping in Saumann, Switzerland- which neighboured our resort, so we had a nice little break browsing round the shops.

Apres ski was buzzing. As soon as we skied back down the mountain to Ischgl each evening we were hit with such a fun atmosphere full of tons of people listening to music and drinking  We did go out one night later on in the evening but we found that the atmosphere was much better around 4.30pm, straight off from the slopes, so we more often tended to go for drinks around that time  The only downside of this was that after a full day of skiing I was desperate to have a shower and freshen up beforehand. I also had serious helmet hair going on so I definitely wasn't looking my best, but other than that it was a lot of fun and such good atmosphere.
Both the boys had GoPro's so we had fun watching the hilarious videos every evening when we got back to the apartment. I would definitely recommend getting one if you're going skiing. They're perfect for holding such funny memories and James also found it really helpful to look back on each day and work out how he could better his technique, which I guess made him learn faster!
All in all it was such an enjoyable week, despite not being the most relaxing, but it was lovely having a break from work. I think my body was actually more exhausted than before we left and I would have been quite partial to a full body massage to end the holiday with, but it was all worth it because skiing is so much fun. We were so lucky with the weather too, skiing in glorious blue skies on all but one day. I'm excited to go back again next year already!

Have you ever been skiing before?

love Katya x

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