Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Woburn Safari Park

Since James and I have left university and moved back to our family homes it's become a lot more difficult to see each other. With James living just outside of Milton Keynes and me living closer to Windsor (an hours drive) along with the fact that both of us work full time, we're now restricted to seeing each other only at the weekends. We've been doing this for about 7 months now so I've become pretty used to it and I like that it makes me feel that I've always got something lined up for the weekends. Often when we visit each other we'll go out for dinner and drinks or stay in and watch films however recently we've decided that when we go to see each other it would be nice to make an effort to plan to do something a little bit different and so this weekend we took a trip to Woburn Safari Park.

Woburn is only a 10 minute drive from James and we were actually planning on going last Summer but never got round to it. It then got into winter and we just pushed it to the back of our minds but now that the weather has brightened up a little bit we decided to go on Saturday and we had such a lovely day. The idea of the park is that you start the day by driving through the road safari to see the large animals including lions, tigers and bears and then walk round the rest of the park to look at the smaller animals and see any of the shows or talks that may take your fancy. I  love that by driving round it gives you the chance you to get so close up to these wild animals and capture some amazing photos.
My favourite animals to see are always the monkeys.  Their mannerisms are so humanlike that you feel you can almost relate to them, which is so entertaining to watch. When driving through the safari the monkeys often come and sit on your car which I love. I was sad that they didn't actually come and sit on my car but I was also worried they may actually damage the car so it was kind of a good thing. I enjoyed watching them jump around on other people's cars though!
Afterwards we parked up and walked around the rest of the park, where I was busy snapping away taking lots of pictures. For lunch we sat in the cafĂ© as it was quite cold but I can imagine on a beautifully hot summers day it would be perfect to bring a picnic and sit outside.
It was really nice to do something a bit different instead of always just going out for meals or shopping and I really hope that we keep this up.
 Have you ever been to Woburn Safari Park? What did you think?
love Katya x
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