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Holiday Snaps in Arizona

During September I was near enough completely absent from the blogging world, writing a very shameful total of just two posts; due to me being away on my family holiday to Arizona. Just as all bloggers do they love to take lots of pictures, so without breaking a trend and to make up for going all MIA I've decided to share a few with you.
With my mum working for British Airways and getting staff discount this was our fifth family holiday to Phoenix, Arizona so it's safe to say that we love it there. With 35 degree heat and beautiful sunny weather, top tourist attractions (i.e Grand Canyon- although not somewhere we visited on this trip), stunning views and lots and lots of shops, how could you not? It's a place that we've found caters for all us with a mix of sunbathing, sightseeing and shopping- and dining out of course!
My favourite place that we stay each time is Scottsdale, a little town not far for the state capital Phoenix, and we tend to spend a few days there each time. The last time we actually went to Arizona was four years ago so it was really nice to go back and see that our favourites places are still there but we also like to drive around and spend a few days somewhere new.

1. A nice start to the holiday flying business class with BA which made the 10 hour flight much more enjoyable. We got off to a flying start ('scuse the pun) with a class of champagne and a 3 course meal, before lying back to relax and watch films.

2. The first  hotel we stayed at in Lichfield Park- The Wigwam: Phoenix Arizona Resort.

3. Car hire is definitely an essential when staying in the States as it's almost impossible to get around without one; and how else would you get to all those shopping outlets? This year we hired a Ford Explorer.

4. Blazing heat and beautiful blue skies in Lichfield Park.
5. Pool side at The Wigwam.

6. Watching the sunset from our terrace.

7. We drove to Prescott for one night which is a town located up in the mountains. This was on the drive back down where we stopped to take some photos at Black Canyon City. The weather wasn't quite as glorious this day but we spent most of it in the car so at least we didn't feel like we were missing out on the sun.

8. The final four nights were spent in Scottsdale at Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at  Montelucia. We've stayed in Scottsdale many times before but this time we stayed in a different resort, and the Omni definitely didn't disappoint. This the entrance to the resort with the mountains in the background.
9. This photo of the bathroom doesn't quite do it justice. A huge walk in shower and a massive deep bathtub.

10. And the other side of the bathroom. Happy to see lots of mirrors for getting ready in the evenings.

11. Our gorgeous pool side view from our balcony.

12. Beautiful features at the Omni.
13. Fountain photo with my mum. Top: NEXT. Skirt: River Island.

14. Obvs had to get a selfie in there.

15. Mountains and blue skies made for the most perfect backdrop.

16. The first time we ever came to Scottsdale was about 7/8 years ago and we used to always go for breakfast at the Breakfast Club. It's nice to see that all these years later it's still there! They do really nice healthy and fresh breakfasts. Definitely recommend it if you're staying in Scottsdale.
17. Had to get a sister selfie too.

18. Another pre-dinner photo with my mum. My hair straighteners decided to give up by this point so I was having to tackle bushy, frizzy hair. Top: Zara. Shorts: Topshop.

19.  So. Glorious.

20. Poolside at the Omni with more beautiful backdrops.
21. The Omni has two pools with this being the main one and the one that our room overlooked being for over 18s. We were there over the weekend so this pool got pretty busy but it was a really fun atmosphere.

22. I definitely couldn't get enough of the pool snaps.

23. Our final few hours before our flight home had to be spent getting some last minute bits at Fashion Square shopping mall. Pretty much all the shops you need in once place.

24. We were lucky enough to fly home business class too. It was a night flight so it was nice to be able to recline our seats and have a proper bed to sleep on. Not that much sleeping happened as there were so many turbulence!

Have you ever been to Arizona? Where's your fav place to stay?

Love Katya

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P.S Keep a look out for my American Drugstore Haul to follow.


  1. I love looking at holiday snaps and seeing where have been! It always makes me want to go to wherever they have been and this is no exception. Looks like you had a wonderful time :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. Such a beautiful place, the pictures are stunning!


  3. Sounds like you had such a nice time - I'd love to visit Arizona one day it looks amazing!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It was really lovely. I'd definitely recommend visiting if you get the chance!

  4. Loving your post dear!


  5. Beautiful pictures, you look so amazing. I'd love to visit Arizona for the heat!


  6. I've never been to Arizona, just a few friends from there. Your pictures are great though; they want to make me visit! Cool post :) xx


    1. Oo you definitely should if you get the chance! Thank you!

  7. Looking lovely!

    xoxo http://ma-luna.blogspot.ch

  8. This looks amazing! I'm going to America next year I'm so excited!


  9. Hi Katya

    I did Route 66 in the summer and Arizona was one of my favourite States. We travelled all over and the scenery was breathtaking!



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