Monday, 18 May 2015

Base On The Face

Having done a make-up course at university and being a huge beauty fanatic, I've accumulated a lot of make-up. Truthfully some of it has just been pushed to the back of my drawers and been totally forgotten about but generally most of it I do still use in rotation. In terms of what base I use it often depends on the type of coverage that I want whether it be full coverage for an evening out or something light and dewy for a summers day.  Providing my skins cooperating and I haven't had a huge breakout, this little combination has been working really well for me at the moment.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Pot
I've written about this moisturiser before and it still remains a firm favourite. It's so light and refreshing so is a perfect daytime moisturiser to wear underneath make-up, helping to keep my skin feeling soft and supple without the sticky feeling. Full review  can be found here.
Revlon Photoready Primer
For me Revlon has proved that you don't need to spend a huge fortune on a primer. This melts into the skin leaving a gorgeous velvety layer which is the perfect canvas to apply foundation to. It blurs out pores and evens out the skin allowing for a smooth foundation application. It also really works to improve longevity too. Full review can be found here.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
I won't go into too much detail about this foundation as I'm sure you've read a review or two about this already. It seems like every beauty blogger has tried this but there's good reason for it as it's such a lovely foundation to use. It brightens the skin with its dewy finish and provides a smooth layer for a flawless complexion. It's no wonder it's a blogger favourite!
Clarins Instant Concealer
This is the most amazing concealer to hide those pesky circles under my eyes. It's extremely lightweight and silky so it doesn't sit in the creases and it makes the under eye area appear a lot brighter. I look so much more awake! You only need a small amount and it's very easy to blend for a natural finish. This is the by far the best under-eye concealer I've used.

Illamasqua Translucent Powder
These beautifully fine powder particles are perfect for setting make-up. It keeps foundation in place and prevents the skin from looking oily throughout the day. It's so light that it doesn't look at all cakey on the face and just a light dusting is required.

Brushes pictured: Illamasqua  Highlighter Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush & Stippling Brush, Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush.

What are your favourite base products?

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  1. I love the Vichy moisturiser, I keep repurchasing it :) also I really need to try that Nars foundation!
    Lovely post, you need more followers! x

    1. Vichy is so lovely and refreshing! The Nars foundation is gorgeous, you should definitely try it. x
      Thank you very much. x

  2. Great post,your photo is so beautiful.I've read so many great reviews about nars foundations so I think I should invest in one,but the biggest problem is that their products aren't available in my country so I'll have to order it online :P

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

    1. Thank you! That's a shame you can't get Nars in your country but I hope you do manage to order it online. It will be worth it.

  3. I absolutely love Nars sheer glow. I've not tried the Illamasqua powder before but it does sound good, my current fav is the Chanel loose powder it's great. sabiha x

    1. Sheer Glow seems to be a firm favourite for so many people! I can imagine Chanel powder being gorgeous to use.


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