Saturday, 9 May 2015

Face and Brows With Zoeva

I've been meaning to get a new foundation and eybrow brush for a while so when I was browsing on Beauty Bay's website a few days ago  it was no surprise that I landed on the page for Zoeva's brushes; a well loved brand by fellow beauty bloggers. After having read so many amazing reviews about their fantastic quality for such a reasonable price I decided that now was the time to try them and swiftly  added the 322 Brow Line Brush and 102 Silk Finish Brush to my  basket.

The eyebrow brush is slightly different to the norm as it's bristles are really short  so it looks a bit funny. The idea is that the shorter bristles allow for more control thus enabling greater precision. The width of the brush is slightly larger than my previous one so it's taken a bit of getting used to but I've been really impressed with its performance in making my brows appear more defined!
I've loved using the foundation brush as it's such a delight to use. I've always preferred dome shaped brushes rather than the more traditional flat foundation brushes as I find them easier to buff into the skin, leaving a natural, flawless finish. This brush definitely didn't disappoint. It blends the foundation so beautifully into the skin and doesn't leave a single brush stroke. The ultra soft bristles are densely packed making it the perfect brush for fuller coverage.

I'm so happy that I've finally been able to try these brushes out. I've been wanting the Rose Golden Brush Set for ages now and even had it on my wishlist back in December. I haven't bought them it of yet because truth be said, I do have a lot of make-up brushes already and at the moment not all of the brushes in the collection are a necessity. Now that I've tried these two brushes I've fallen in love with the brand and it's made me certain that I will get round to purchasing the rose gold collection at some point as they're just too gorgeous not to. It's a shame that they don't sell the individual brushes in rose gold too but this may take away the novelty of them being exclusive to the sets.

Have you tried Zoeva brushes yet?

love Katya x

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  1. I realllyy need to try some Zoeva brushes, they sound like they work so well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. They do work so well and so reasonably priced too! x

  2. Great posts, I've been looking to purchase some Zoeva brushes. They sound good.

    Pop on over | Rachael Styles Me

    1. Thank you. I hope you get to try them. You won't be disappointed! x


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