Sunday, 24 May 2015

Longer Lashes With Magnetic Mascara

Last month I went to the Ideal Home Show with my mum and sister and came across this amazing mascara which gives the most beautifully long lashes. Long gone are the days  of hopelessly trying to get fake eyelashes to stick without getting a blob of glue in your eye because Magnetic Lash by Santhilea London is so extremely easy to use and the results create such an impact.

Not too long ago I used to have to always had to wear false lashes on a night out. I felt that I looked so much more dressed up if I was wearing them, but over time I've started to realise that sometimes subtly is the way forward. I went through a stage where I had to have the darkest tan, biggest lashes and highest heels but now I prefer everything a lot more toned down and have decided to give fake lashes a miss. This saves a lot of time and frustration of not being able to get them to stick and also means I no longer wake up with my eyes stuck together from the remnants of glue- huge bonus! I now spend my time focusing on how to get my real lashes  to appear longer, so when I saw Magnetic Lashes at the Ideal  Home Show I went rushing over. The name sounds so intriguing!

The representative did a demonstration on my sister and the results were so good that my mum, my sister and I ended up getting one each for £15. It really looked like she had false eyelashes on, but in a natural sort of way. The name is slightly misleading as there's nothing magnetic about it but I can see where they get the idea from.

 The application is extremely simple. You begin by applying the fluid mascara which is a beautifully conditioning formula and even on it's own gives instant results of  thicker, fuller lashes. The lash builder should then be applied to work its magic with the individual fibres that stick to the wet of the mascara. It works best by concentrating on the ends and is the element that extends the length and makes them look unbelievably long, almost challenging the concept of fake eyelashes. It's suggested to leave to dry for around 30 seconds before then applying a second coat of the mascara. This will  seal the fibres in place and prevent them from dropping- which happens to be a vital step. I've missed this part out before and by the end of the day, underneath my eyes was looking pretty hairy! You can then repeat this process to build up the length as much as desired.
Magnetic Lash manages to provide such a glamorous alternative to fake eyelashes and is so easy to achieve. It's waterproof so lasts all day without smudging and is still just as easy to remove as any normal mascara. I'd highly recommend if you've moved on from the fake kind but still want super long lashes.

Have you tried Magnetic Mascara or something similar?

love Katya x

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  1. This sounds so great!! Thanks for sharing :)

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