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Bath & Body Works Revisited

Bath & Body Works Body Cream
When it comes to my favourite body creams hands down Bath & Body Works wins every time. With a sweet array of fragrances that can take you from sipping cocktails on a beach, to walking through a forest of a fresh flowers or even curled in front of a log fire on a winters evening, they really are the definition of heaven in a bottle. After being introduced to the brand a good few years ago I have always been a loyal customer. The only slight issue is that I live in the UK... and being an American company, Bath & Body Works isn't particularly local. This proves quite a problem when I run out and have to travel 4000+ miles just to repurchase. Lucky for me I tend to go to the states every year so it's always a very good chance to stock up! Last year I wrote a post featuring my favourite Bath & Body Work lotions and this year I have four more that I've tried and tested.
I always manage to spend a considerable amount of time in the shop browsing and testing all the latest fragrances and it becomes such an almighty task trying to whittle it down. With the constant release of new fragrances each season, I really just want them all.  Luckily Bath & Body Works has made it very slightly easier by categorising their fragrances such as Floral, Warm, Citrus etc so a very good place to start is by deciding what fragrance notes you want to go for. I chose a varied selection of Warm, Fresh and Fruit consisting of Cashmere Glow, Endless Weekend, Beach Breeze and Napa Valley Sunset. All with slightly different offerings yet still hold that signature Bath & Body Works scent.

-Cashmere Glow: Vanilla and golden peach layered with a luxurious cashmere musk. (Warm)
-Endless Weekend: Blend of raspberry lychee sorbet, sun-kissed magnolia and vanilla sandalwood. (Fresh)
-Napa Valley Sunset: Napa valley plum, vineyard pomegranate and golden amber. (Fruit)
-Beach Breeze: Soft ocean breeze of fresh blue cotton, coconut water and gardenia. (Fresh)
Bath & Body Works Body Cream Cashmere Glow, Endless Weekend
The body creams are so strong-scented that this has become the primary focus rather than the goodness that they provide to the skin. That's not to say that they aren't good for the skin; they moisturise my skin perfectly well and feel very nourishing but the fragrance definitely overrules. I personally don't have particularly problematic or sensitive skin such as psoriasis or eczema, whereby if I did I perhaps wouldn't use these as the products are not specialised for such skin concerns. However, for me my main preferences for a body lotion are that it smells nice and keeps my skin hydrated- and there is no other comparison to that ultra fresh feeling of getting out of the shower and smothering a Bath & Body Works lotion all over. It smells divine and lingers on the skin for a long time after.
Bath & Bodyworks Body Cream Beach Breeze
Bath & Body Works Body Cream Napa Valley Sunset
In the past I've normally chosen the Body Lotions however this time I purchased the Body Creams as they prove to be more cost efficient and the scent is slightly stronger. There's not a huge difference in terms of the actual product and despite the tube (226g) containing  very slightly less than the lotion bottle (236g) , the more powerful fragrance and thicker consistency  means that you require a smaller amount so the tube actually goes a lot further. The Beach Breeze is the only exception as the lotion was on sale so there wasn't the option of buying the cream.

Napa Valley Sunset and Beach Breeze now seem to have been discontinued however lots more fragrances appear to have been released. I'm going to Florida this summer so I'll be making my annual trip to Bath & Body Works  once more to stock up again for the next year, and the huge decision making will commence all over again. There's a good chance I may venture out and try the candles and fragrance mists too!

What's your favourite Bath and Body Works fragrance? Do you have any suggestions of which to try next?

love Katya x
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  1. There needs to be a bath and body works store in the UK and a Sephora! x

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