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The Travel Diaries | Perth

Wednesday 13th January- Sunday 24th January 2016

After two plane journeys and twenty something hours later we finally made it to Perth! James' auntie and cousins came to collect us from the airport and our trip  had officially begun.  Despite feeling very disoriented with the time difference- we left on 13th Jan at 2:15pm UK time and arrived on 14th Jan at 6:30pm Perth time-we were so excited to be greeted by 32 degree heat; a huge difference to the 2 degrees that we left back in the UK!

It's fair to say that we were pretty tired that evening so we managed to get to sleep very easily, but typically we were wide awake at 2am with jetlag. It took us two or three days to get over it but of course, adjusting to different time zones is all part of travelling! The next few days were so lovely and relaxing and we really enjoyed our taste of the 'Aussie' lifestyle. Spending time at beautiful beaches basking in the heat, having countless 'barbies' and drinking wine whilst watching sundown over the sea is something that I could definitely get used to! 
I think that we managed to bring over a bit of the English weather as the weekdays weren't so nice and apparently unseasonably cold. 23 degrees isn't what I would necessarily call cold as such, but it was definitely cardigan weather (for me anyway). Rather than spending time at the beaches as we had done over the weekend we used the cloudy weather as a chance to explore a bit more of Perth. The city centre is a lot more laid back in comparison to London so it was nice to be able to slowly meander around. We also visited a street in the city called London Court which is often referred to as Diagon Alley. Being a long narrow lane with Tudoresque buildings we could definitely see a clear resemblance to Harry Potter- and was a cute reminder of home too!

The rest of the week we continued to be proper tourists and went to Fremantle Prison and learnt some of Perth's history, Caversham Zoo and saw our first ever koalas and fed the kangaroos, and drove around Swan Valley where we stopped off for wine, cheese and chocolate tasting.
Friday was James' perfect day out as it was full of activity. We got up early and drove an hour and a half North, to Lancelin to go sand dune boarding. It was so much fun and the sun had returned, blessing us with glorious weather. I hadn't quite anticipated how much hard work it would be to walk back up the steep dunes each time and it was also extremely windy at the top which didn't make it any easier but the actual slide back down made it so worth it! Being on the sand dunes meant that we had to take the Toyota Land Cruiser so James also got to do his first bit of 4x4 driving which he loved. We finished the day off that evening with a meal out at Clancy's Fish Bar for 'Fried Mice'. We'd been left guessing what they were all week so we were desperate to try them. Turns out they were crumbed jalapeƱos  with sour cream- so delicious but not for the faint hearted!
Our final weekend in Perth was a relaxing one and we spent our last few hours watching the sunset from Kings Park overlooking the city. We then said our goodbyes to James' family and proceeded onto our next adventure, flying off to Sydney...

love Katya x

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