Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Do You Have a Bra-blem?

Bras. As a woman you pretty much have to wear one, and often they're a right pain- in all senses of the word. I'm always unsure what size to get as most shops vary in size and when I do  manage to find one that fits I still struggle with finding one that sits comfortably. Recently I discovered ThirdLove, an American underwear company who specialise in designing bras that fit properly and leave you feeling comfortable all day long, and it's got me thinking, what's my bra-blem?

Bra on Show
For me, my pet hate is when a bra is visible underneath clothing. Whether it be the straps falling down, the edge showing underneath a low cut top or being able to see the outline under a t-shirt. Whilst the key to avoiding this is to wear underwear that is suited to your outerwear- i.e. a plunge bar to go with a low cut top or a specialised t-shirt bra under your t-shirt- I often find that another problem will arise. Either the plunge bar digs into your chest or the t-shirt bra doesn't lift your boobs enough. Then of course there's the age old problem of your bra strap becoming loose and suddenly making an appearance halfway down your arm. It feels like there's a never ending cycle of bra-blems!

Bras are Uncomfortable
We all know that amazing feeling of getting home after a long day and whipping off your bra. It's a feeling that no man will ever understand. The chafing and the red imprints is enough to get you racing home just to free the boobs! I don't have particularly big boobs so when I can get away with it I'll go without a bra just to save the discomfort. However in reality going braless isn't the most practical; bras were invented for a reason so surely we should utilise that. I want to find a bra that is so comfy that I almost can't even feel that I'm wearing one!

Thirdlove have recognised these issues and have got it covered! They have put together a series of tips that show you exactly how to fit a bra in the correct way in order for it to sit as comfortably as possible. Whilst we may think that we all know how to put on a bra, perhaps we don't? This guide provides a solution to all your bra-blems!

Following this simple guide should make your life with a bra a whole lot easier. To celebrate your newly found comfort take a look at Thirdlove's gorgeous range of bras and get 15% off with the code BRABLEMS.

What's your bra-blem?

love Katya x

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